Our Professional Staff

Mike Bjorvik, Landscape Superintendent

Millsite Team Member Since 2005

Mike was born and raised in Bend.  He worked in the golf course construction/maintenance field for ten years, participating in the construction and then maintenance of four different golf courses.  He attended Oregon State University and graduated with a degree in Horticulture (Turf and Landscape Management).  Mike served as a landscape construction/enhancement manager for LandCare in Portland for seven years before serving as the Landscape Superintendent for Millsite Landscape Services.  Mike holds a Landscape Contractors License, Pesticide Applicators License and a CLT (Certified Landscape Technician) License.





John Mauti, Building/Site Maintenance Manager

Millsite Team Member Since 2012

John has lived in Central Oregon for 35 years, working as a general contractor for Evergreen Custom Homes, On-Line Supervisor for Fuqua Homes and Lead Person-Maintenance for Beaver Motor Coaches.  John's construction, handyman and troubleshooting skills allow him to efficiently manage numerous office buildings and the infrastructure of a private road system.  John holds a Limited Maintenance Electrical License.






Zach Lopez,  Senior Maintenance and Utility Foreman

Millsite Team Member Since 2019

Zach holds a Pesticide Apprentice License.










Trent Eccleston, Maintenance Foreman

Millsite Team Member Since 2013/2017

Trent holds a Pesticide Apprentice License.










Thomas Hunt, Irrigation Technician

Millsite Team Member Since 2020










David Hensley, Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

Millsite Team Member Since 2014